October/Nov 2013 Update

Health and Spiritual Formation Curriculum Training The last week of October I attended an in-service for WRC’s new health and spiritual formation curriculum. A consultant from the U.S. helped us ...

Columbus in July Latino Fest 2013

Sept 2013 From Home Assignment

Since late June I have been on home assignment in Columbus & Honduras Happenings: Last lesson of Basic First Aid Training in K. Thom completed! (12 lessons in all) Late-June ...

Past Updates

The skies above our road through K. Thom province

He is risen! Apr 2013

April 4, 2013 He is risen indeed. Time to write another update indeed. “Let’s promote revival by our gentle love for each other.” This is from Jack Miller’s book, The Heart of a Servant Leader. Discussing our struggle with prideful defensiveness and humbly hearing other’s criticism of us, Miller proposes that believers, “be humble servants […]

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New Routines

I have a difficult time with the word discipline. It is not that I wholesale discard it as terrible. But often it gives me this image of someone thinking very highly of him or herself because he or she has been so disciplined. Another image  I have is of someone doing a routine only for […]

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Neth conducting a survey in K.Thom

Nov 2012

Baseline Survey Our K. Thom team finished baseline surveys for our Basic First Aid training efforts. Neth & I are currently analyzing the results. Graduation We held a ceremony for our second Volunteer class from 5 provinces. They return home with first aid training. Joke & Brice Joke joined us & spoke at graduation; she […]

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Things I’m thankful for:

1. Worship 2. Prayer 3. Pumpkin Latte recipes 4. Cool weather 5. Freedom from bondage to old things, people, and places 6. Hope 7. God’s perfect ways that are not our ways 8. This song 9. Rest and peaceful sleep 10. Exercise

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Sept 2012 Thanksgiving in all circumstances

When it rains it pours… We finally entered rainy season here. I was surprised that it was so late, though now it seems as though the rain may never stop. On the home front things have been very hectic. I brought home bed bugs from K. Thom. Getting rid of them has been much like […]

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Partakers of the Divine Nature July 2012

Time flies when you live in Southeast Asia I skimmed a Psychology Today article on how we estimate time. While involved in busy sequential tasks, in the moment, time seems to “fly.” However, after we’ve made memories, as we look back, if they were periods of many interesting things happening often, time seems rather full, […]

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ECHO Conference for Project Medsend

Speak of what we know and testify to what we have seen May 2012

May 15, 2012 Excerpt based on John 3:1-21 from Dr. Dan Fountain’s narrative of the life of Jesus, Who is this man Jesus? “And so what is God’s truth? And why do we have such difficulty in knowing it?” “Sin, Nicodemus. That is the reason it is so difficult to know God’s truth. At the […]

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March 2012: “Therefore we do not lose heart…”

Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up. He said: “In a certain town there was a judge who neither feared God nor cared what people thought. And there was a widow in that town who kept coming to him with the plea, ‘Grant […]

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Micah 7:7-10, 18-20

January 2012

Most of this past year has been spent reckoning the peace and security I may have in Father God. I have often felt God asking if I would submit and trust in His love for me, even if that submission required surrendering plans, enduring hardship and patience, resting in uncertainty, welcoming unforeseen change and recognizing […]

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September 2011: Blessed is the man who…

Soloman (my evangelizing Khmer tutor):“I will go to Mondolkiri (a province here) and discourage the churches there.” Me:             “Encourage.” Solomon: “Yes,” he pats his forehead and smiles, “encourage the churches because I hear they are very discouraged. He then says in Khmer, “I tell them sometimes when they are discouraged about coming to study […]

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